Made from solid brass for a smooth and firmly focusing movement.

     The 50mm Contax RF and Nikon S lenses do not have a helical and depend of the camera body helical for to focus. The adapter have it own helical with the same pitch of Contax and Nikon S bodies.

Have a re designed, spring loaded lens lock lever.

Distance scale in meters and feet.

     All its component are CNC machined, collimated and tested in a Leica M8. For use it in a M body you will need a LTM to M mount adapter.



     You can use 50mm and tele lenses as 85mm and 135mm, all will be rangefinder coupled with perfect focus even wide open.


     Wideangle lenses only fit on Leica M1 to M4 bodies with my special adapter, not rangefinder coupled. [+]


         The Sonnar 50/1.5 and Nikon 50/1.4 are basically the same, but the distance of the optic elements to the focal plane are different, for that reason Contax lenses must be used on a Contax adapter and Nikon lenses on a Nikon adapter. The same apply to the tele lenses.

     Who offer a adapter where to use both, Contax and Nikon, not is being honest, or do not have technical knowledge about this theme and the adapter it will fail in the focus in one or both brand lenses. [ back ]